Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 Jewels in the jungle

Gardening in the summer, after there has been decent rain and temperatures, is never boring. Overwhelming, yes. Boring, no.
After a weekend off to visit my mother in Missouri, I was out gathering biomass for the city compost program all weekend. My Linden tree adds its share by dropping millions of helicopters all over the place.
But amidst this jungle there are jewels.
Here is this wonderful orchid cactus from this morning.

Here is the first waterlily of the year.

What was particularly neat about the waterlily was the fact it was blooming early in the season (for waterlilies). You could see the pot with other buds coming.

I should go to work, where there will be a different kind of overwhelming sensation.
The combination of being overwhelmed both at home and at work can give you a different prospective on February, when the garden is quiet.

It has been the time of year for hosta. I will write more later this week. I have been working on my top ten list for this year.

Summer is here, but there are jewels if you look for them.

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