Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hosta top ten-2014

The backbone of my garden here in Iowa City is hosta. I have grown them for 25 years. I have counted them and labeled then and put them on the computer. Now I am trying to enjoy them, reducing their numbers and giving them space. I don't really know how many I have.
It has been a good year for them. The slugs are there in places. They are not a big problem.
We have had plenty of rain. 5 inches two weekends ago was a challenge and caused flooding in places. We are somewhat used to that at this point.
Here are the top ten hosta for my garden this year.

1. Liberty- If you have to have one hosta this should be it.

2. Winter Snow- This very large Sum and Substance variation is such focal point. This year in particular there have been some marvelous mutated leaves.

In looking for pictures I found this one from 2009, not long after it was acquired.

3. Guardian Angel- This mature hosta (maybe 10 years old) gets a bed all to itself.

4.Sagae- I think I have more of this hosta than any other. There must be 6-7 of them all around the garden. This one had an interesting mutation this year.

This one is right down by the curb, making a statement right when you see the garden for the first time.

5. June-There is not a prettier hosta around. This variety will be more or less yellow depending on the
amount of sun. This is the first in the list that is not big.

6. Sum and Substance- Back to big. The one in the front year measured 79 inches across this year.

7. El Nino- I really like blue and white hosta. They are not common and I have yet to find one that is real big or vigorous.

8. City Lights-Sometimes location makes the plant. This hosta fills up the space between two crabapple trees. Yellow can really sometimes glow.

9. Whirlwind- This a somewhat slow grower but becomes quite solid.

10. Dancing Queen- This is the newest member of the top ten. This plant is about 3-4 years old. It is that bright yellow and has wonderful ridges.

There you have it. Next time I will tell you about the nice hosta that did not make the list. I will close with this orchid cactus that makes you realize why you grow them.

Enjoy the summer.

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