Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011- Synchronicity

The cactus was blooming when I went outside yesterday morning at 5:45. It was still sort of dark, but the white blooms were quite striking. It was worth the wait.
Actually, when I looked at them 30 minutes later the pinkish hue was visible. I have sometimes commented about that wonderful time in the early morning, when it is still dark enough, that color has not yet some out yet. As the daylight increases, at some magic moment the color turns on.
I think I mentioned yesterday that I had obtained these cactus plants from the neighbor across the street. When I had told her a few days ago that my cactus had buds, she mentioned that hers did too.
Yesterday morning, as I admired my first ever blooms, I looked across the street and hers had also bloomed yesterday morning, for the first time this year.

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Catherine Woods said...

I love hearing of synchronicities! Gorgeous blooms! Thanks.