Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15- Anticipation

I talked yesterday about surprises. Well this will be a surprise, in that it has never bloomed for me before. Yet it has been coming and coming for the last ten days or so.
I have this little family of barrel cacti, obtained from a neighbor across the street maybe 4-5 years ago. They were all tiny offshoots. If you keep them alive they will grow.
They had never bloomed for me. They had all made offshoots, but no flowers.
About two weeks ago I noticed something fuzzy, in several places on one of the plants. Then it got bigger, and started making sort of a point. Then I noticed the same fuzzy places on a second plant.
Well sure enough they are buds. And they are growing. Here is the sequence. You can join my anticipation. Maybe you will see the flower tomorrow.

This first picture is the group of 4, a week ago.

These next 3 pictures are taken that same day. The first picture shows the offsets, in a nice ring all around the plant.

This next picture shows the little fuzzy things I first noticed.

In this picture, again from that day last week, you can see the buds getting organized and shooting out from the plant.

This was taken yesterday.

This was taken this afternoon. The colors are starting to show through on the bud. The wait will not be much longer.

There you have it. It is anticipation. It will be an anticipated surprise.

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