Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday, August 18- one and done

The cactus flowers lasted just the one day. This had me think about the many flowers that last for just one day. Of course, there is the entire flower grouping named after this feature, the daylily. Given the number of buds that come with a particular plant that doesn't really count. Then of course sometimes the weather has something to do with this phenomena. If it is hot, and/or bright and sunny, a flower will be done quicker.
At the other end of the spectrum there are the spring flowers, like daffodils, that will last for 7-10 days with that cool spring weather.
For your picture there was this waterlily. They have done well this hot summer. I would like some other colors however.

We went to the State Fair yesterday. There was salad on a stick.

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