Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21- State Fair thoughts

We went to the State Fair Wednesday. It was a sunny day, and from 3-4 weeks ago, we knew it could have been hotter. At the same time staying on our feet for most of 4+ hours was exhausting. We missed the exotic chicken and rabbit displays. We saw the wonderful quilts that get produced almost at the rate of the eggplants at the local farmer’s market. (That’s a lot these days.) There was the ugliest cake contest, which seemed to be dominated by children. Maybe it was a contest only open to children.
Speaking of contests there were the big pumpkin contests we all know about. One of the lesser-known contests was the long green bean contest.
The Iowa Fair is know for its butter cow. Here she is.
I actually liked the pop can cow.

I really do have lots to write about. In this attempted new format I am having trouble matching pictures with my thoughts. I will work on that. How do you have pictures for a post on watering? Sometimes I think too much.

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