Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday August 23- the last flower

Daylilies bloom in July. We all know that. Each plant produces flowers that last only one say- hence the name. A mature plant will produce anywhere from 20-30 flowers to 150. Most daylilies finished blooming weeks ago.
There are several varieties that are late bloomers. (as oppose to rebloomers which is something else)

Here is Bright eyed Doll. Its last flower bloomed yesterday. When you notice a particular plant, here near the end of the daylily season, you have the countdown to the last flower. This plant gave us that wonderful picture posted on July 25 of the two flowers together. That picture was actually taken on July 19. That meant it bloomed for over a month. I had moved it to its present location a year ago. I look forward to its display for next year.

Here is Sandra Elizabeth, who is still putting up multiple flowers. I think it will bloom into September, which is getting closer all the time.

Finally here is Delmar, which is all the more appreciated since it is one of a select company.

It remains dry, but I am enjoying my early morning and late evening watering sessions. More on that later.


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