Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, August 14,2011- Surprises

One thing I love about gardening is surprises. If everything was always the same how could you like that? In the winter things are always the same. White White White. In August things are always hot hot hot.

When it finally gets to be spring you have an endless sequences of firsts. There is the first snowdrop or the first crocus. In April I will wander around the yard until I find something new that day.
Some plants tantalize you with buds that just grow and grow over a long time.
When that first daffodil blooms you have been waiting for it for some time. When it blooms it is wonderful, but it is not a real surprise. You sort of knew it was going to bloom one of those days.

But there are real garden surprises that pop out of the ground or foliage where you had not noticed them until- bam- there they are in flower. It was not there yesterday. You had not even known it was in bud.

Now maybe it is because you are not paying attention. Nevertheless I had one of those moments this last week. I hang orchids in the trees. They really like it in the open air, particularly after being cooped up all winter. I had one orchid that had been forming a bud for weeks. I kept my eye on that one. Its bud is still there and growing.

What I had not even noticed was an orchid neighbor. Its bud had crept down the leaf and I did not even know it was there. Then all of a sudden- there was this long stem of these wonderful flowers.
I don’t know its names. It has bloomed in previous years in the summer. I had forgotten to keep an eye on it. But my, how it picked me up.
Here it is.

I hope you are following the blog. I am trying to post something new every day or so. For that reason there are no voting at the moment. Check the blog every few days. Post a comment if something strikes you fancy. Tell about a favorite surprise in your garden.

In the last voting the water lily got 23 votes, the hibiscus got 12, the castor bean seeds 11, and one vote for the daylilies.

If you read about colored polls two days ago, you should just wait until next weekend. I bought 15 new polls, and at this point they are primed. I got some good colors.


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