Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday, August 13- Colored poles

6-8-10 years ago (you know how time gets fuzzy?) we went to a show by a glassmaker named Dale Chihuly. It was at the garden conservatory in Garfield Park, in Chicago. It was amazing. There were colored glass of all kinds, sprinkled in with plants and water. I particularly liked the colored spires, in with the tall cactus.

Here is a picture of some of his glass from the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.

I was inspired by the idea of colored glass in the garden. I checked my budget and went and got some inexpensive plastic PCV pipe. I added some spray paint and sprinkled the results around the garden. So far I have only used bright neon orange. Having written this and liked the placement of the two bright newly placed ones on the Fairview shelf, I am off in search of more pipe, and some good colors.
Here is the shelf with color.

Here is a old picture of the garden with some newly painted polls. I use them for plant hangers, hung horizontally. I do think there is a market for brightly colored plant stakes. Most stakes are green, to blend in and not detract from the plant being staked. I like the vision of the winter landscape with colored spires.

This is what you can do in August.


Catherine Woods said...

I saw the Chihuly exhibit at Chicago's Garfield Park conservatory too! At the time I was living in Oak Park and knew it was a "must see." And yes, amazing, colorful, brilliant.

Karo said...

Phil: You, your creativity, and your gardens amaze and inspire me. Thanks for sharing. Karo