Monday, June 6, 2011

Mears Garden news- June 6, 2011- And then there was summer

Summer has arrived in Iowa. It was bound to happen. Summer can be a good thing. If you like swimming pools.
Or I suppose if you like summer plants. There will be daylilies and lilium and caladium. How’s that for positive.
I remember a few years ago. We had a few weeks where it was not comfortable outside after about 6 a.m.
I am concerned that this could be another stretch.

I do have some good pictures this week.

First there is this wonderful pink poppy picture. I have no idea how you get a black background when you take a picture during the daytime. I can do it. These oriental poppies just look like they are made crepe paper.

Then there is this blue Siberian Iris. What a blue.

This next picture is a peony. It is called coral something. There are lots these coral poppies these days. The single peonies hold their heads up better that the really heavy ones we see all over.

Finally here is a yellow iris. You don’t see many yellow Siberian Iris. This one comes back year after year but doesn’t get much bigger. That’s permitted in a yellow Siberian Iris.

So for something very different here is a fifth picture. It is another poppy. Talk about your crepe paper.

In last weeks voting the totals were
Purple Siberian Iris 18
Blue baptista 9
Red clematis 6
White iris 4

Stay cool. Remember that the caladium really like this weather.

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