Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden news- May 30, 2011- And then there was color

Welcome to another 3 posts at once.

All of a sudden there is color in the garden. The hundreds of Siberian Iris started a week ago. Then along came the peonies and now the poppies.
It seems like there is a lot of blue. There are the blues and purples of the Siberian Iris. The big allium globes have begun and the blues of the false indigo, aka baptista is also here.

And amidst it all there is….. so much work to do. The spent foliage from the bluebells is the easy part. There are enough weeds to fill many containers. I give the containers of weeds to the city and have the black gold of their compost in return. What a trade.

I did finish my hosta blog. You will find it below this one. I also have posted some overviews of the backyard. Sometimes when you just get flowers you don’t see the big picture. I will try to show you glimpses of that over the next few weeks.

Here are four pictures for your voting pleasure this week, as the different colors check in.

First up is the color red, one of my clematis, I think Nirobe. I am encouraged by my 7-8 clematis at this point. They are all growing well. I will just have a few more years to go and they should do that “covered with flowers” thing.

Purple is represented by this Siberian Iris, with a great background featuring a ground cover euphorbia, that sometimes is a weed.

White is the simplicity of another Siberian Iris. White is good.

Finally here is this great picture of a single flower from the baptista. In case you did not recognize it, it is in the pea family.

The summer of color is only beginning.
Next week will feature some poppies.

In the voting from 2 weeks ago the first place picture was
The tree peony with 18 votes
Lady slipper orchid 10
Trillium 10
Camassia 6

Be sure to check out the extra posts.

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