Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden news June 13,2011- Rain, summer, bugs and weeds

Garden news June 13,2011- Rain, summer, bugs and weeds

Been there. Done that. It started to rain again. We had over three inches in three days. Places near Des Moines had closer to 9 inches. I remember decades when I would have to water the garden. I had a front yard hose and a back yard hose. I don’t think I have had that set up in 4 years.
And with the rain came wonderful cool weather. I can comfortably wear a jacket in the morning, which keeps off…the bugs. And I have to be outside to pull…the weeds.

Everything is growing. My daylily beds are a mess. Here is the prescription for a messy bed. Start with plenty of nice daylilies. Let them grow for 5 years. Plant things like lilium in between. Sprinkle in some coneflowers and phlox for interest. Add weeds and there you have it. The worst part is that I can get to the weeds to pull them up. Actually with all the rain pulling weeds is a piece of cake.

Let's looks at some pictures.

First I have this great yellow crown. It is a trollius or globeflower. It is not a big plant. It comes back year after year with the same single flower.

Second is this Louisiana Iris. With all that rain these bog loving plants are doing well. My daughter Katie got me 5-6 of them several years ago and now they are finally blooming. Put them in that wet area and stand back. Whoever said that there were no red iris? This is getting close.

Here is the Asiatic Lily Lollipop. Say that name real fast. At least this Asiatic lily really does clump up. Say that fast. It’s a theme.

Finally here is one of close to a dozen Amaryllis that has been blooming this last week. How does he do it? Well these plants were shut up in a closet for six months. Some people call it plant abuse. I call it maintaining dormancy. I bring in the bulbs in October and put them away in the dark. When they come out they go outside in late April. The buds just emerge. I have about 25 at this point, of which about half bloomed recently. It is quite a statement for the garden in early summer.

Vote away

In last week’s voting the runaway winner was the amazing pink poppy. The full voting was
Poppy 27
Peony 8
Blue Iris 7
Yellow iris 3
2 red poppies 2

For your bonus pleasure-
Here are several more Louisiana Iris.

Here are more Amaryllis.

Have a good week.

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