Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13, 2015- More bulbs than you can imagin

We visited Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania on November 4. We try to get there each year when we visit the east coast. Our visits have all been late in the garden year. This year was a little later than usual.
One time before we had been there when they were planting bulbs. This year we got to see that again. For anyone who had ever struggled to plant 100 crocuses or 50 tulips it was mind blowing.

We turned the corner of one section of the garden and saw one section that was the finished product.
We looked closer and saw that there was a fine mesh, perhaps like chicken wire, that covered everything. Take that you squirrels. Actually the staff told me that was for deer protection as well. I assume at some point they have more high tech protections.

We moved down the garden aisle and found the action. Pictures speak louder than words. The biggest bulbs are crown imperial frittilaria.

It was also chrysanthemum time. I will post separate pictures of what you can do with those flowers.


Garden Fancy said...

Once they lay them all out, how do they plant them, by hand or with some kind of machine? I'm curious after planting 1,200 this year in my own gardens.... -Beth

Catherine Woods said...

Wow, that's splendid and I agree, mind-boggling!

philip Mears said...

The only bulbs I saw being put under the dirt were hyacinths. They were using one of those hand tools that are like a long round cookie cutter. I tried to figure out the name but the internet was not much help. I never think they would work.
The soil had been all tilled up, I assume that a trowel would work in that quality soil.