Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cactus gems

We had one of those magic moments a few weeks ago. Our oldest cactus bloomed. This was not as unusual as the Denver Botanic gardens and their corpse plant this summer. This plant had bloomed before. But just watch.

The first picture is from August 7. The buds are just about an inch long.

This was August 30.

This was the next day, August 31, late in the afternoon.

While it was dark the camera worked well over the next few pictures. This was at 8pm.

This was at 10pm.

Now we can get to the next morning. Unlike the night blooming cereus these cactus flowers last through most the the day.

That is the show for the moment. I will try to give you more pictures soon.


Catherine Woods said...

Thank you for these photos, Philip. I really enjoyed the sequence. Because I live in CO, north of Denver, I also enjoyed watching the webcam images as the corpse flower bloomed. Didn't go in person, didn't want to risk smelling its scent!

Becky Ray said...

You definately DO have some beautiful flowers. and great pictures!
I especially enjoyed the cactus, lilies, and the Cereus.
You are right, though, flowers are a lot of work.
I failed to see your "green thumb" the other day.
Thanks, Becky Ray