Sunday, July 19, 2015

What an oversight- Here is the pink one- July 19, 2015

With the excitement of the night blooming cereus this past week, I overlooked this other orchid cactus that bloomed this past week and a little bit before that. It had maybe 20 buds at one point, forecasting a mid summer delight. I will wait to see if it sets a seed pod. The purple/red one did set a pod last year. I will do a post on the remarkable progress of the seedlings.

So he is the collection of pictures from this wonderful pink excitement, enjoyed by those of you who even drove by these last few weeks. It hangs in the walnut tree where it is visible to everyone gong by.

Here you have front and back. It turned out that back was rather interesting too.

So I have yellow and pink and red and white. I really would like to get orange. As Julia sometimes says, there's always something.

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