Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lilies- Oriental and their friends July 18, 2015

With adequate moisture and reasonably cool weather, for summer that is, it really has been a good garden year. I wish I had more time. I would imagine that any gardener would say that no matter what.
I have been trying to put up posts recently. If you did not see the night blooming cereus pictures from earlier this week, go to the bottom of the page where it says "older posts". You will get there.
Actually the subjects of garden musings are all tumbling around in my mind with the photographs from the last ten days.

For today I will feature the lilium, which come along during the second half of the daylily season and put on a show. These are the oriental lilies and the trumpets and the many combinations. There are orientpets for example.
There have even been enough flowers to bring some inside, with the pollen parts clipped to avoid the  stain danger. The last picture today has the pollen parts clipped, as the flower will adorn our dining room table for 4-5 days.

So here are pictures. If you have been by the garden in the last two weeks, you would have smelled the garden coming. It really is a real definite and pleasant smell. When you put the flowers on your table the fragrance comes too.

Coming soon will be posts about caladium and really big hosta.
Do let me hear from you. There is the comment button and then most of you know my email.

P.S. I am on my fourth t shirt so far today. The hot weather is here, which is good for the caladium and the orchids.

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Garden Fancy said...

Your lilies are so very beautiful! It certainly has been a very hot week here in Iowa (many T-shirts are required for gardening, as you said). But it's certainly worth the sweat when the results are so lovely. Thanks for sharing your lilies with us!

And if you have cats, please remember that lilies are extremely toxic to cats -- my vet husband has seen a number of cats who have eaten them, and if it has been more than a few hours, it's tragically too late to save them... :-( I never bring lilies into our house as cut flowers for this reason, despite their beauty.