Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rain and daylilies July 11, 2015

It rained today, a steady rain for several hours. We have had just about the right amount of water for the garden this year. (I say that and let's see if we have 4 inches tomorrow.)
The daylilies have been wonderful, more flowers and scapes than I can remember for years.
We did have a neighborhood deer for a week or so 2-3 weeks back. The daylilies were just about the right height where there did not even need to be an bending over. That was really a first in 30 years.

But here are daylily pictures, with the raindrops making for great pictures.

I continue to be struck by the garden principle of simplicity. We always, well I have always, tried to get one more thing planted. I could just get rid of, in a humane way, about every third plant. This would greatly improve how the garden would look and likely improve how the remaining plants perform.

If you are in the neighborhood, do come by. It is at a peak with the various lilies. I will try to write more on a regular basis.

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