Saturday, June 6, 2015


I have been growing clivia for maybe 10 years. I have had up to 20 of them, primarily 2 varieties. They do have to come inside in the winter. Some got bugs this last winter and had to be thrown away. Sometime gardening is painful.
They do have a wonderful bloom, and it comes about now, maybe six weeks after they got to go outside. They sort of should have gone a little dormant inside. Ideally they would be watered once a month and left in a not bright room.

Here is the bloom today
of one of the orange ones.

Here is the yellow one.

Here is one that has four bid stalks coming.

Gardening is so much about anticipation.


Garden Fancy said...

How very pretty! (The fussy things that like to die are often beautiful when they don't...) I've never heard of anyone growing clivia around here. Thanks for the look at this unusual (for here) plant. -Beth

Catherine Woods said...

Yes, indeed, garden is about anticipation. After a month (May) of cold and rain, I'm finally getting going on my garden - flowers, herbs, vegetables. And the things I grow from seed always take "pride of place" in my heart and therefore are imbued with anticipation.