Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blooming July 15, 2915- nighttime

They are all blooming. See yesterday's post for the almost ready pictures. Here are pictures from about 6pm this evening.

This is from the front yard about 8:30. This is the plant with the six flowers.
This I now realize is the wilder variety, from the backyard.

It is now 9 pm, and it is almost completely dark. Unfortunately there is only be flash photograph from this point on. The wilder back yard one is first.
Here you go.

Pretty neat huh? I think about asking the neighbors to come out and see this. I don't. I just take a picture and share it with any of you who wander by.
It will be mostly closed by morning. One night only. I imagine that there will not be the right moth. Too bad.

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Catherine Woods said...

Thank you. What an amazing nighttime white flower!