Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday, August 9,2011- Windows open

We opened our windows last night for the first time in what seemed like a month. The cool front came through yesterday afternoon, with a welcome .25 inches of rain. Even when we left the office at 5:30 you could feel a little bit of cool in the air. While we were driving home in the old car, which turned 100,000 this year, the dashboard told us it was 79 degrees.
When we went to sleep we enjoyed the nighttime noises. You don’t hear them with the windows closed. There was the buzz of the cicadas as background noise, with maybe a cricket or two mixed in.
This morning I awakened to the sounds of the 4:30 train across town. There were the repeated whistles, and then that bumping sound when the train cars push into each other. It was clearly time to get up and going.

I am refreshed. This is good. I suppose I should not look at the newspaper. The ideas are tumbling onto this paper. I will put more down tomorrow.
Philip, writing in the dark.


Catherine Woods said...

Yes, the peaking of high summer followed by an awareness of shorter days and cooler nighttime temperatures . . . these signal the beginning of serious harvesting and the wonderful, colorful zinnia! Wishing you a lovely late summer, Philip! Thanks for being a gardening companion.

philip Mears said...

The mornings have been so wonderful I really would like to find a way to just go to work at 9. Since I work for myself that should be possible. Maybe I could just put that daylight savings hour back before the fall.
Zinnias are good, particularly those big ones that are all different.