Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mears Garden news July 10,2011- Color color everywhere

While there is heat, there is color, and plenty of it. There are the daylilies starting to peak. Then on top of that there are the lilium. What a combination.
There is also no rain. Isn’t there always something? We have not had rain in two weeks. It is starting to have an impact. I got the hose out and put it into position. There is rain in the forecast. And there are Japanese beetles. I don’t know much about them. I am a little worried that I will soon find out. Do they like corn?

You should be sure to check out the extra post this week, all about daylilies.

I am excited about the pictures this week. When you take a lot of pictures and you have great subjects, something good will happen. Try out these pictures. I expect most of them will appear in the contest this winter.

First up is this dramatic daylily called Margaret Seawright. I wonder who she was. I assume she was a friend of some daylily hybridizer. You would think I took this picture with special equipment in the evening. In fact it was taken in the middle of the afternoon, on a sunny day. This daylily is a favorite as it has lots of smaller flowers. As a real token of my affection for this plant, when I liked it so much, I got a second one. There really is only one other named daylily like that- Delmar. I will have to get a good Delmar picture for next week.

This second picture, a trumpet lily, was selected for its curves. The lines are just so…curvy. The color is not bad too.

This next daylily picture just about jumped off the screen when I first saw it. The plant is Banned in Boston. I am not sure why, except it is truly a gaudy flower. The green center is a good touch-that and the black background. This picture was taken at 7:30 in the morning.

Finally here is Triumphator. I was going to call it an Orientpet, which would be a cross between an Oriental lily and a trumpet lily. I checked to make sure and I was wrong. It is a cross between an Oriental lily and an Easter Lily. Go figure. Whatever. It is good.
I should add that it is blooming at the same time as Silk Road, which is an Orientpet. Look at the bonus pictures below and compare. It was tough picking between the two.

There you have one of the most astounding lineups all year. Which one do you like?

In last week’s voting the winner was the Electric lily.
The total votes were
Electric lily 19
Frilly daylily 14
Little Wild lily 11
Red Daylily 8

Here are bonus pictures. Coneflowers do attract butterflies. Here is one such critter.

This is a regular picture of Margaret Seawright.

In taking with my plan of showing you at least one hosta each week, here is City Lights, fast moving up the favorites list.

There are more lilium.

Here is the aforementioned Silk Road. Did I mention that it is 6 feet tall?

Enjoy the week. Stay cool.

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