Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden news July 25,2011- It's all about the weather

I have really not wanted to write about the heat. So I won’t. You know it was hot. It may even have been hotter longer later at your place.
I did get out the hose into the garden for the first time in about 3 years. Then it rained 4 inches in 4 days. I can put the hose away for a while. It was nice to have it out, for reasons other than watering plants. The hose is useful for dividing plants. Sometimes a stiff spray is what is needed to blow off the dirt. This makes it easier to separate the roots. What does that get you? Many more plants. What am I going to do with 30 little clivia?

At the same time the lilies are still going strong. I like the sequences you get with the Orientals. It is now time for the white ones.

I do have some voting pictures for you this week.

First up is this lily called Elise. It is an Aurelian hybrid, according to the catalogue. The bug was a bonus. They have been loud this week.

Here is that wonderful photographic combination- flower with rain. The daylily is Holiday Joy. I wonder what holiday it was named for, in late July.

This great lily is Pizzazz. It has it. Enough said.

Here is daylily Bright Eyed Doll. I moved it this last fall, so it is a small plant. I look forward to its explosion in about two years.

Vote away.


In the last voting Banned in Boston, one of the best pictures I can remember, just edged the others, in one of the closest votes ever.
Banned in Boston 14
Trumpet Lily 13
Margaret Seawright 13
Triumphator 9

As a bonus I give you this strange flower, which is mostly a wonderful daylily called Breed Apart. Here is what you would expect. Count the petals. There are 6. If you look at almost every daylily picture you have six petals. Here are two more to illustrate the principle.

Well ever once in a while some mutation happens and there are extra petals. I remember a few years ago this happened with some little iris.
Well this one day blooming flower had 10. This was not just trick photography. The bud next to it bloomed the next day. It was back to normal. Who knows what will happen next?

Enjoy the week.

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