Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mears Garden picture contest-Week 5- January 2, 2011

Welcome to week 5

As the black background was hard on some eyes, let’s try grey. That is a significant color in January. We have had some snow melt this past week so a lot of the snow is gone. Actually 2 days with temperatures in the 40’s really felt good. It was a little reminder of things to come.

In this week’s voting the winner was…………..the fritillaria, the Dr. Suess entry.

The totals were
Dr. Seuss 28 for 40%
Daffodils 23 for 32.6%
Lily 12 for 17.1%
Poppy 7 for 10%
Total 70
For your weekly picture fix this week, I have some really good colors.
First there is purple. This is a March 23 crocus. Cheer up everyone. We are finished with December. In another month there will be the start of baseball. With that change early bulbs are not far behind.

Second here is white- as shown in the grandiflorum trillium picture, taken on April 25. Trillium are a good addition to the spring garden. They come in a variety of colors from white to deep red to yellow. I have found them to be rather hearty.

Third is pink- in the form of this really unruly fall anemone- Prince Henry. These fall anemones have to be the backbone of the fall garden. Prince Henry is now established. The picture was taken on September 30. I am waiting to see if it will spread like its single pink cousin. I really like its completely disheveled look. There are more fall anemones in the bonus pictures this week.

Finally there is orange, taking the shape of this little lily. The picture was taken on June 25. This particular presentation is certainly enhanced by the blue background. I like the little dots.

Vote away.

For bonus pictures I have more fall anemones and the bigger picture of the trillium.

This particular picture is of anemone sylvestris, normally a spring blooming flower. Through some quirk of weather this one bloomed in November. This picture was taken on November 20.

Enjoy the week. Maybe it will be an opportunity for some quieter time.

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