Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 4- Mears Garden picture contest- December 26, 2010

Welcome to week 4. A brand new format.
(update 1-1-0211-some people had difficulty reading with the white on black format so it has been changed. Thanks for letting me know.)
Let me say a short note about the new format. Some time ago I made the background all green. I did this to express solidarity with the protest movement in Iran. How long ago was that?
When I was in college- how long ago was that?- a theme- I learned that everything was political. Humor was political. TV was the most political thing around. Well here on the garden blog the background color can be political. This week it is black. Judges wear black robes. I wish to express my appreciation this week for the three judges of the Iowa Supreme Court who are leaving the court, involuntarily this week. They lost their job because they joined the entire court in recognizing the right to gay marriage in Iowa. How proud we were at the time. I live in Iowa and we have more rights than most any place else. How long ago was that?
So please join me in remembering the 3 judges who will step down this week.
The second reason for black is that we…wait-wait- I stay positive on the garden blog. All I will say is that Black is the color of night and of winter. We will get through this black time. We should strive for color and warmth and humor in a time when those commodities may seem in short supply.
Let is all go pleasantly into the black future.
Better times are coming. But it may take some effort.

So let’s talk flowers.
In last weeks contest the winner was the pink iris. Here are the totals:
Iris 26 for 36.1%
Epimedium (stars) 19 26.4%
Lily 15 for 20.8%
Lupine 12 for 16.7%
Total 72

This week, particularly with the new background, I have yellow flowers for you.

First up is the out of this world crown imperial fritillaria. They do not get more Dr. Seuss that this flower. This picture was taken on April 17. These fritillarias bloom about the same time as the bluebells. Check out the bonus picture.

Second here is this wonderful lily, probably Conca d’oro. It bloomed on July 2. I wish I understood how I get the background to be black.

The third picture is the earliest poppy, the celendine poppy. It is not as photogenic as some of its more cultivated relatives. It is included this week to give it some attention. It spreads very quickly, but is not invasive. I reserve that adjective for plants with deep root systems, that cannot be weeded. This poppy will grow anywhere, from full sun to almost complete shade. This picture was taken on April 17.

Finally there is the simplicity and beauty of the daffodil. Nothing says spring like daffodils.

There you have it. Vote away. Enjoy the format.

For your bonus enjoyment I have more pictures of fritillaries and a few more yellow pictures. Go yellow.

I wish everyone a happy and better new year.



Judith said...

Absolutely with you on the judges. We were reminiscing about protest times past (ask Larry Hunsicker sometime about his protest days).
And I think I will have to get some poppies this year.

Anonymous said...

Those imperial fritillarias are off the hook!

Catherine Woods said...

Hurrah for yellow, hurrah for the days getting longer and more sunlight on its way! And I'm with you on the judges too -- such times to be alive . . .