Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mears Garden news- - June 1, 2010


Three-day weekends can be good for the garden. I think we actually made some headway in this year’s battle with the weeds. It didn’t hurt that it is light by 5:15.
The excitement of early spring is returning. The lilies have started. There was the first Asiatic lilies and then there were even several very early daylilies.
It is also time to splash color around the garden. I sometimes feel like a painter with a canvas. Those caladium are getting big enough to put in here and there. In fact the combination of weeding an area and then splashing color is a good one.

So here are pictures.
First up is this great blue Siberian iris.

Second is an orange Oriental poppy.

Third is an Asiatic lily called Lollypop. Certain Asiatic lilies make a real clump over time. These Lollypops have been there for ten years at least and now are a mass of color.

Finally there is the blooming amaryllis now in the parkway. It has three stalks and each one has multiple flowers. Sometimes multiple stalks bloom sequentially. These all are blooming at the same time. It is a real showstopper.

Enjoy the week.

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Catherine Woods said...

Just finished weeding in my small patches of flowers, vegetables and herbs -- inspired by your news. It's fun to watch as each type of plant takes off. Just this week, cucumbers and pole beans have popped through the soil in the pots I use for growing these from seed each year. The flowers give me great joy and are interspersed all over, both in sunny spots and in shade. Yes, spring's longer days and warming temps are great!