Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden news from the Mears Garden- May 23, 2010

Summer has arrived. The air conditioner is humming. The flowers have picked up, after a short lull in early May.
Yesterday in fact there were two magical focal points that emerged just about the same time. In the front yard the first of the dark red poppies bloomed. It was a rather remarkable four-foot tall flower that could be seen from quite some distance. The name is Beauty of Livermore. It is such a dark rich red that I really doesn’t photograph well. There are pictures in the extra pictures this week.

In the backyard one of the orchid cactus bloomed, this first one being pink.
It was really rather grand.

So I do have pictures for you this week.
First there is the white oriental poppy, Royal Wedding. I picked the earliest picture of this poppy to put in the poll. In the extra pictures there are two later pictures. I am at a total loss to know which is the one I like the most. The close-up on the second day is really amazing. On the second day the flower becomes almost flat.

Then there is the pink orchid cactus. In the early morning the sun picks out the flower and really makes it one of those focal points in the garden.

This is an allium explosion. It is a close-up of one of the many tall allium around the garden. They are really wonderful purple balls on the tall stakes, that rather remarkably, stay up without staking.

Finally there is the yellow lady slipper orchid. I had three varieties of slippers so far, with the pink one still to bloom.

So have a little vote for the first time in a while.
Remember there are extra pictures that follow.

Here is the red poppy, with the color not quite right.

Here is how you can see it from the front porch.

I can't forget the lupine, which were really nice this year as it has been cool before this weekend.

More allium.

What did I tell you about the white poppy pictures?

More orchids.


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