Sunday, April 18, 2010

Special garden post- experiencing mid April-Bluebells

It is the middle of April, even though the garden thinks it is more like the first of May. We are in the second blue wave of Springtime, Virginia bluebells. The are all over. They are spreading. Mostly they are magnificent. They can form a dramatic background for daffodils or big hosta. For that matter some flowers, like the pansies, can peak out from under the bluebells.

There are places where you do not want them and there are combinations that do not work. Bluebells and anything little, for example, do not work. That's when plants get lost. I knew I had some pasque flowers out there but I had not seen them. They had not come up before the bluebells. I found them the other day, but some bluebells had to move on to a different existence. Squill can be the same, only on a slightly different scale. I planted some anemone blandas in a place where there is squill. The anemones are completely lost. On the other hand they are never more than 2-3 inches tall. I should have known better.

So here with their own special post are the bluebells.

This particular picture is interesting as it was taken at almost 8pm. The bluebells really change with the light. There is that magic moment for example about 15 minutes before dawn, when the first color comes to the garden. Late evening as seen in this picture is also special.

This is hosta Montana in the blue.

This is hosta Sagae. You can tell how these big colorful hosta really work well with the bluebells.

I wish I could have you all come by and see them. They are really quite special.

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Catherine Woods said...

I simply adore springtime flowers in the garden! Thank you so much for posting pictures of your bluebells, squill, daffodils, and hellebores, plus those brightly-colored Easter Eggs. Spring has sure come on fast this year.