Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden news- April 19, 2010

A new season begins in garden pictures. I am trying to make up for a little down time on the computer with extra posts this week. Where? Just scroll down and you should find extra posts.

As the garden explodes in color so do picture opportunity. The candidates for the picture contest coming this fall are beginning to assemble.

Here are pictures. For those of you who need a voting fix there is a poll.

1- You may remember a combination picture from this last contest, with the epimedium Sweetheart and bluebells. Here is this spring’s addition.
2- This remarkable picture, looking vaguely science fiction, is the yellow crown imperial fritillaria.
3- Now we move on to the nearly perfect pictures. This daffodil is just so white, with that colored center. Zoom in on the center. It is rather remarkable.

4- Finally there is this anemone blanda. It is so symmetrical, at so many levels.

There you have this week’s pictures, which may make it into the contest this fall.

A few other notes.
I am planning a spring plant sale, probably May 1, a Saturday morning, from 9-12. Mostly I have hosta for sale. I divided a big clump of Sagae this year. There is a really good supply of that wonderful plant.
I pot things up all the time. It is urban renewal in the garden. The garden is a work in progress, never a finished product. If you wander through you can see what is available. I just may not get the labels and price tags in the pots until close to the sale.

The garden is open, all the time. Some gardens are available for viewing when there are garden tours. That is really only going to be the one day. (And it could rain.) I find it more interesting to watch a garden change, over time. What plants will replace the bluebells as the major centerpiece? How soon will the Asiatic lilies begin? What do you do with August?
With my garden, all you have to do is walk or drive by. Since we are on a corner lot, you can see a lot just from the edge. But stop you car, and come walk around. I don’t need to be here.

I really do appreciate hearing from all of you. Comments on the blog are great. But return emails just saying hello make me look forward to the contest. All that contact does make the first of the week enjoyable.

Enjoy the springtime.


Judith said...

Hurrah for the plant sale--going on my calendar right now!

Ann Flower said...

Very pretty shots of flowers, it makes me long for them to bloom here keep on posting.