Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 17- March 21, 2008- Mears garden picture contest- the final vote

After a glorious week, filled with new flowers and the joys of springtime, we went south for a few days to Missouri. While there were two nice days at the beginning, it then snowed. What? It snowed. There was ice on the car and everywhere you looked there was white. It was not suppose to be white anymore. So we came home today and a little north of Hannibal, driving on the Avenue of the Saints, the sun came out. We felt better, watching the temperatures warm up.

So now we are home, looking forward to the excitement of something new almost everyday. It is springtime. Saturday was just a day to be forgotten. (Unless you are a basketball fan from the University of Northern Iowa.)

So what about the contest?

The votes last week were as follows:
White Poppy 25
Daylily close-up 17
Morning glory13
Pansy 8
Total voting 63

The White poppy is the final piece of the puzzle that is this year's final four. The four pictures you liked the most. This week you pick the best of the best.

The candidates are presented with the earliest one first.

That would be the April combination of bluebells and epimedium. I saw the first bluebell a few days ago. It had just broken the surface.

The next three pictures were all taken within a week of each other.
The pink poppy was taken on May 29. Somehow the pink color captures the texture of these wonderful flowers.

The blue Siberian Iris was captured on film- actually on the computer, on May 31. With poppies and iris the end of May is hard to top.

Finally there was your winner from this week- the white poppy. It was taken on June 2. It needs no introduction. This week it is has its biggest challenge of the contest. It is certainly facing some heavyweight pictures this week. It even has to compete with another poppy. Will they spilt the poppy vote?

There you have four wonderful pictures. Which one will be the flower picture of the year? It is your choice. Vote early/ Vote often. Get your friends to participate. Let's have a big turnout.

Winter is over.
Enjoy the time.


Janet said...

Thank you, Philip, for helping to get us through another hard Iowa winter. You're garden is ever an inspiration.

Raisin said...

I can't believe how much I look forward to voting on these! Thanks!