Sunday, March 28, 2010

Special garden post, March 28, 2010- Crocuses

The week was all about crocuses, which continue to spread throughout the garden. I guess planting another couple hundred in the fall helps with that impression.
Now is the time to take stock of where more can go in the fall. Pictures are good for that. I have a little movie feature on my inexpensive camera. It has sound, so I can narrate while I shoot. It really makes for good documentation come the fall when memories provide no help whatsoever.

Actually this time of year is also about the promise of things to come. You see the daffodil buds get bigger and bigger. Then there are the big bulbs such as the crown imperial fritillaria. Remember those Dr. Seuss plants that have been a fan favorite. I planted a bunch of new ones last fall. They really explode out of the ground. Just you wait about two weeks.
I think my favorite plant that looks like it will have a great spring is the lupine. I about 15 established clumps that look good, after the winter that almost wasn't. Well we had a real winter, but with the snow cover from start to finish, there was very little winter-kill. The lupine are in two areas, including in the bed I call the "lupine bed", and should provide a wonderful display in May.

But here are the crocuses. They deserve a post all to themselves. Remember if you click on a picture it should get big for you. Try that on the second picture. It will almost make your head spin.

But I suppose here is the ideal crocus presentation. This is one of the lawns at the Missouri Botanical Garden 10 days ago.


Catherine Woods said...

I just love Crocus -- thanks for this special post. As a young girl growing up in a western suburb of Chicago, the first crocus of the spring always gave me great pleasure -- and they still do!

Catherine Woods said...

P.S. I love lupines too -- some of my favorite places on earth have fabulous lupine displays each year, including northeastern Minnesota and all over England, Scotland, and Walese!