Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden news- Summer week 5- July 19, 2009

It is high summer in the Midwest. There have been record cold temperatures around Iowa these last few nights. Of course that means it has been down to 50.
It is also getting dry. I have had the watering can out quite a bit this weekend. For the first 20 years that I gardened here, I would always have a hose out by this point. At some point a few years ago I graduated to having a front yard hose and a backyard hose.
Well last year I never got the hose out- ever- all season. Not August. Not even October.
So with that kind of streak going I am reluctant to get out the hose this year. So far so good.
So I use the watering cans on the annuals and things in pots. I am mulching here and there. There is nothing like weeding a bed and then mulching it to make you think you are getting in control. Then you think about the other 20 gardens. (I think of my yard as having something like 20 different gardens.)
The daylilies and lilium are competing for the center of my attention. Somehow the daylilies have been doing rather well this year, at least in my mind. Somehow the reds seem so much redder this year.
Every time I take out the camera I can take 50 pictures. There is no shortage of great subjects. I could construct a contest just out of this week’s pictures. In fact I will give you two additional sets of four pictures each that could have had their own contests given a different week.

So here were the four pictures I arbitrarily picked out this week for the poll.

First is Conca d’Or, another Oriental trumpet mix.

Second is this week’s caladium shot. Go early morning sun.

This is Anastasia. You might have guessed. It is another Oriental trumpet.

Finally there is this daylily, Scarlet Pansy. It is one of those glowing daylilies about 7 in the evening.

Last week you picked Siloam Double Classic, the third week in a row that a daylily was picked.

As advertised here is a second set of four pictures, but of course there is no place to vote. These four pictures are all lilium. Actually there are six pictures. I just couldn’t narrow it down any further. On the last picture note the rather unusual stamen. There are almost bumpy, but in a very regular way. The stamen on all of the other lilium are not like that.

Then there are daylilies. I have included some of the doubles that are blooming at the moment. I also have thumb shots to give you an idea of the size difference. The little one is just so precious. My thumb is not that big. The flower must not be two inches across.

There are a few remaining pictures, including the hosta Guardian Angel and the flower of the caladium. There really are things in he garden other than daylilies and lilium.

Enjoy the cool summer.

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