Monday, April 13, 2009

Mears Garden News- Spring week 4- April 13

After last year I didn’t know when I would ever say this. It is raining today and the garden can use the rain. Our stasis continues, with cooler than normal temperatures. It is definitely not good weather for outdoor baseball.
While the garden is almost in slow motion, the time of discovery continues. The daffodils have started. The crocuses continue. The bloodroot finally has started to bloom.
It is potting time in my garden. I will spend the next few weeks potting up bluebells and pulmonaria and celendine poppies and anemonies and variegated Solomon’s seal and anything else that looks like it needs thinning. I have a spring plant sale right after the first of May.
Actually if anyone wants bluebells I have them ready now.

So what about pictures? I have a few despite a weekend in Chicago.

First there is this dogtooth violet. No, I did not get down on my stomach to take the picture. My camera has a little swivel viewing screen. I can put my camera at ground level, rotate the screen 90 degrees, and look straight down to find the right focus.

Next there is the star magnolia. It burst open on Friday and provides some asymmetrical flowers for the all white show.

Here is the bloodroot, showing up in all stages of development.

Finally there is the busy zone. You can reach the point where you decide that there will not need to be any more bulbs in that area. There are crocuses and chionodoxa. The red things are peonies. Underneath it all are daylilies and lilium.


In last week’s voting the striped crocuses edged the puschkinia by a nose.

For the bonus pictures there is another crocus, an emerging lupine, a thalictrum, and a pulmonaria.

Enjoy the warmer weather. It has to come soon.

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