Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mears Garden news- Spring ? week 3- April 5

I suppose if there was one time of the year where you just put the garden in stasis this time of year would not be bad. Everything is still much the same as last week, even down to the snow. Only this week it is going to snow this evening rather than on Saturday. We did have several sunny cool days this week when the crocuses and the squill put on a show. The bloodroot that I predicted would bloom on Tuesday has not yet bloomed. The first daffodil did bloom, all 4 inches of it. And there was the first pulmonaria flower, even though you had to look real close to see it.
But the explosion is coming. The hosta are peaking out, as are the eremurus. If you don’t know what those are wait till June. They are new and hopefully will be grand, and tall.

In last week’s poll the snowy eranthus edged out the snowy crocuses.

For your voting pleasure this week here are four pictures from this week.

First there is this trio of striped crocuses.

Then there is trillium. It conveniently has a smaller one next to it so you can see several stages of growth.

This is a puschkinia. It is a little naturalizing bulb that literally flows around the garden over time. It is a good contrast to the squill.

Finally there is the first daffodil. What a cheerful addition to the early spring collection.


In the bonus section you can see what else is happening, from the emerging crown imperial frillilaria to the brand new hepatica, and of course, more crocuses.

So I sign off from the great State of Iowa, where our state Supreme Court made us about as proud to be from Iowa this past week as we have been for a while.

Come by any time.
Philip Mears

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