Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer -week 5- July 20

It’s raining again. We have had about 3 inches in 3 days. During the day it is sunny and everything grows like crazy. My little calla lilies I planted 10 days ago are coming up. There will be callas in September.
I feel sorry for my daylilies this year. They are doing well. At the same time my interest is on the lilium, as you will see from the pictures again this week. Part of that is that I really didn’t get any new daylilies last year. It was the first time for that in 10 years at least.
On the other hand I got lots of new lilium. At this point there is a new one almost every day. Pizzazz opened this morning. Godzilla opened 2 days ago. In any event I have 6 more lilium pictures for you, and you will then get to see the also rans, which in other months would have gotten in the top 4.

The first picture is Pizzazz, a daylily that stands out since it is sort of brown. It also is right next to some pink, which really sets off the color.

The second is another new one, called Pink Mystery. The little yellow specks are amazing.

The third is one called Golden Zephyr, I think. I try to record what I buy and where it goes. I put out labels, but mysteries still are out there. I got an Oriental lily mixture 6 years ago, which meant that I got 12 without names. The guess on this name is close.

The fourth picture is Twinkles. Once again the little dots are certainly a major feature.

I couldn’t stop at four again this week, as you can now see. This is King David, a different shaped lily. It hangs down, like the martagons. What is it with those dots? It does give you a challenge as far as taking the picture.

Finally there is this Black Beauty. The colors of all of these lilies are so wonderful. Particularly if you can get one looking up at the blue sky, it will be a winner.

In last week’s poll Silk Road edged out Triumphator. There were at least 2 votes for every other picture. The voting did suggest the colors, red/pink and white, that were the big favorite.

The extra lilies this week include Anastasia, Conca d’Or, Godzilla and an unidentified lily behind the pond.

Here are daylilies, which really should get more billing, but they have had their glory in the sun in previous years. The first orange one is Primal Scream, one of the all time great names for a variety of any plant.
Some of the combination pictures are good this year. The coneflowers have inserted themselves, and of course where they get a foothold, they stay. I am hoping that the other color coneflowers will become that vigorous. I just got sneak previews of some of the new ones from Terra Nova nursery, a leading producer of new varieties of many plants. Next year there will be Macaroni and Cheese, a yellow one, and Tomato Soup, a red one.

Here are two other pictures to close the week. There is this blue Rose a Sharon, put in last fall. Then there is this phalanopsis orchid, out under the crab apple trees along the street. It has been a good year to be an orchid in the trees. I am looking forward to that translating into many blooms at Christmas inside.

Stay cool.

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