Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer- week 4 - July 13

It has been about a perfect day. The sky was blue. It was not too hot. The flowers were just about the best. The weeds were easy to pull. And boy there are pictures to share with you this week.
I had forgotten the wonderful routine that I develop during daylily season. Every morning I go out and deadhead the spent flowers from the previous day. (Daylilies really do only last one day.) That can take almost an hour depending on the degree of contortion I try with the deep beds. By that time there is enough light to take pictures. I try to plant something as a change of pace. There are still caladium, calla lilies, impatients, and coleus to splash around once the weeds are pulled.
As a reward I can go unload the pictures and play with them. I can try to remember names, or move them into the appropriate albums. And of course each week I try to pick out the four best to post that week.
This week I had four great pictures, and it was Monday. Flowers just kept opening up. On Saturday the waterlily bloomed and I knew that I could not keep it to four. Today an Oriental Lily called Nymph opened and I made some decisions.
This week’s featured pictures will be of Lilium, including Orientals and Orientpets.
The first picture is an Oriental lily called American Way. It is in the front triangle bed with lots of daylilies.

The second picture is the aforementioned Nymph, located in the front yard right by the sidewalk.

The third picture is of an Orientpet called Sweetheart. It is in its second year and is found in the front parkway. It would prefer a little bit more sun but is still doing fine.

The four flower, with two actual pictures is Silk Road, another Orientpet. It gets a good half day of sun and is thriving, topping in at over five feet.

I had to do more than four pictures this week, once I had determined to feature lilium. This fifth lily is a five feet tall orange lily, and for the life of me I can’t find its name.

Finally there is Triumphator, an Oriental that came back from the dead. It died in May of 2007, when the bad freeze in May completely turned it to mush, after it was up maybe 3-4 inches. It seems fine at this point.

That’s it for the poll for this week. I just couldn’t narrow it down to four. Can you pick one?


In last week’s poll the orchid cactus was the favorite but Banned in Boston and the Iceland poppy had strong support. I suspect that you will be seeing more than one from this group in the fall.
There were just so many pictures this week. Here were the non daylilies that were not lilium.
Here is:
Centaurea Macrocephala

The waterlily.

A Calla lily

A pink Asiatic lily

And then there were daylilies. I could have an entire blog about daylilies. It would only last 6-8 weeks, but it would be intense.

I can’t close without a few pictures of the plant of year nominee- the pink orchid cactus- a plant that has lived up to its promise.

Enjoy the week, and remember you are always welcome to come by to see things in person.

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