Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring- Week 12- June 1- well, almost Summer week 1

Sometimes you sit back and enjoy your garden, the fruit of all your labors. You relax in the cooling breezes as the colors just waft around the yard.

Not here. Not now.

The hosta are getting so big they are crowding out the epimedium.
The daffodil foliage just sits there daring me to cut it down to make a “neat” bed.
I can’t mow the yard because I have all those pinwheels everywhere.
The grass I tried to sow in April, is coming up in the garden beds.
Where can I find the time to plant the annuals and pull the weeds?
Part of my problem is that we went to Chicago for the weekend. It was good. We went to a Cubs game and they won. The game took 2 hours and 45 minutes to play. It then took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to get where we were going after the game. It was one of those urban experiences that makes you appreciate Iowa. I also paid $4.19/ gallon of gas. What a world.

Ah- it’s June. I remember now. Let me share some pictures.

I have some great colors for you to pick from this week, a week dominated by the arrival of Siberian Iris.

First there is purple- a Siberian Iris called Jeweled Crown. This is a very vigorous plant. I have 3 good size clumps and should be able to start dividing them in the fall. I cut off a chunk this past fall and it bloomed a little this spring.

The there is pink, a peony called Coral Sunset.

There is blue- a Siberian Iris called Ships are Sailing.
Blue is rather a startling color in a Siberian iris, where we are so accustomed to purple.

Finally there is orange- one of the first Oriental poppies. It positively glows in the garden. I wish there was a way to take a picture at dusk and do justice to the remaining colors.You will just have to take my word for it.


This last week's poll the lady slipper orchid just edged the yellow tree peony as the viewer’s choice.
If you want to go back and see these pictures just go to the blog archive on the right side and find May.

Lupines were also good this week. Here are more lupine pictures.

Here is a white Siberian Iris clump. It is in the corner garden with the castor beans. They are really very tall.

Here is another look at the yellow orchid from last week.

Columbines are also all around. Here is one that just has this one bloom. I am hoping that it will get bigger in the future.

So enjoy, or try to find the time to enjoy. I will try harder this week.

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