Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring- Week 12- May 25- Memorial Day weekend

What better time than Memorial Day weekend to reflect a little on the garden season so far. One can get caught up in the routine of planting and weeding at the expense of planning and maybe even just enjoying. This also coincides with the arrival of some bulb catalogues, always an opportunity to think and dream.

It has been a good spring. It was a little slow at times. Seedlings have seemed to just sit there, continuously being about 1-2 inches tall. On the other hand who can complain about spring bulbs lasting longer than usual. There was timely rain. The hose came out to siphon the pond, a spring ritual, necessary due to the accumulated leaves from the fall. It then went away. I can remember some summers, and even a few springs, when the garden routine included much too much time spent watering.

What were the surprises so far?
The camassia and the tiny daffodils (maybe Baby Moon) were new for me and performed well. (see May 18 post)
The pulmonaria acted like someone had placed a bicycle pump under them and just kept making them bigger. Raspberry Splash and Bertram Anderson ( a nice blue one), for two, were amazing, lasting a very long time.
Almost all the heucheras (coralbells) have come on with great vigor. There are so many amazing new hybrids. Sometimes you just don’t know how vigorous they are going to be.
Well they are vigorous. At least they are vigorous in May with lots of rain. I suppose we should see how they are in August when it has not rained for 4 weeks.
Not all of the surprises were good. The crepe myrtle I got last fall did not make it through the winter. It was suppose to be hearty to zone 5. Well this winter may not be the ultimate test, but it was pretty close.

I encourage you to stop for a moment and think about what has been good so far in your garden. What would you like more of next spring? If the answer is in the catalogues now, don’t wait until October to order what you want. They may be sold out by then. At least order the one or two things that have been sold out the last two years when you tried to get them. For me it is the double white daffodils. There is one called White Medal, and another one called Acropolis

So what about some pictures this week.

Here is the little yellow ladyslipper, cypripedium parviflorum. This is one of a clump of three plants that I have had for 7-8 years. It doesn’t particularly multiply beyond the three plants that have been there for years. Yet it reliably comes back which can be just fine.

Here is one of the amaryllis that I brought out of dormancy when the weather finally broke. I will have lots of amaryllis in the front yard beds over the next month.

Here is the yellow tree peony, called Gold Finch.

Here is this wonderful white columbine. I have said before that one week, when there is nothing else particularly blooming (when would that ever happen?) I will republish all the white flowers for the year. Someday…

Last week's poll winner was the pink peony.

How about some more pictures.
Here is another columbine, a vigorous one from the Barlow series. It spreads around being quite tall even in its first year.

Here is this Siberian Iris, which is the first Siberian Iris to bloom almost every year. Incidentally, I looked at last year’s pictures. Most of these same flowers were blooming just about two weeks earlier.

Here are some pictures of flowers that you have seen before. The pink tree peony was featured last week The closeup is of the columbine in this week’s poll. Then there is a picture of the orchid trio.

Here is a neat hosta called Kiwi Full Monty. It is called Kiwi because it was developed where… New Zealand.

Finally there is this larger yellow orchid that still has its head bowed. It should open in the next 24 hours.

In this next week the Siberian Iris should start as should the Oriental poppies. It will be a good week for pictures I think. Did I mention orchids or lupines?

Enjoy the transition into summer.

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