Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016 in the garden

There was an exclamation moment in the garden on Wednesday. This orchid cactus, which I think is named "Unforgetable", bloomed. I had not even seen the bud coming. It had bloomed in in early June, with just a few flowers. I suppose some combination of rain and temperature triggered something.
The flower lasted all day. There is one more bud. With the temperature falling into the fifties I do not know when that bud will bloom. It should be in a few days. The plant is by the back garage if you can come by.

On our trip to Chicago last weekend we stopped at two nurseries. One should always have a nursery to visit when you travel, particularly when you are driving home and have room in the car for a few acquisitions.
Coming home on a plane does not work so well. I am sure however my children will remember a few plane trips with plants stuffed under the seats.  I think I brought home my first orchid cacti from Virginia that way 20 years ago.

From Chicago here were two acquisitions.

Here is coneflower Hot Papaya.

This is a tropical milkweed. I think it is Asclepias currassavica. The variety I do not remember and it is too dark to go read right now. As a tropical plant it is not hardy. I just was reading that it could be brought inside. Maybe...
Or I could just get seeds.

The fall croci continue.

This is what I was looking at when I saw the "unforgetable" orchid cactus. This is cymbidium Yellow Elf.

Here is a closeup.

Garden cleanup continues. This week I cleared a little bed to place some hosta that needed to be moved. We worked it up when it was too wet. Garden hint of the week- Don't do that. I do not know when or how this can be fixed. It is now a clumpy mess.

The regular big cactus has ten buds. The buds have moved past the one inch point. I think they may all bloom in about a week. There are exclamation moments. Then there are "call the neighbor" moments. This will be one of those moment.

Have a good week.


Raisin said...

If we voted this week, I'd go with the tropical milkweed. The colors show so brilliantly together.

philip Mears said...

I guess that is a vote for my bringing the plant inside for the winter.

Catherine Woods said...

I love the coneflower Hot Papaya. It is so dramatic, to me, almost balletic.