Sunday, August 14, 2016

Playing with pictures- August 14, 2016.

It was uncomfortably warm for a few days this week. I know most days it did not get to 90. I should not complain. The number I mostly watch is how cool (or hot) it will be when I want to garden. That would be the early morning hours and after work. The morning temperature has not been below 72 for 3-4 days. It has been above 80 after work. This can discourage being outside.
This next week will better.

Being inside more has given me an opportunity to play with my pictures. Here are some of my efforts.

Spending time with garden catalogues is another way to pass the time when it is too hot to go outside. This week I have been thinking about iris. August turns out to be pretty much the exactly right time for that. You want to plant/transplant iris so that they have time to get used to their new homes.
This was such a good year for the few Japanese iris I have. Remember these?
Inspired, I ordered some more Japanese Iris. Now the question will be, where will I put them.

The hosta look better in August than I can remember. For whatever reason their main enemy, slugs, have been few and far between this year. What a great name for a creature. It is right there with a sloth. We do not have sloths in our garden. We do have slugs from time to time. Here are hosta leafs (or is it leaves?) from around the garden. What great patterns. I love the ones that are corrugated.

Actually my favorite of this group is probably the green and white one. How about a big picture?

This past week did give me the opportunity to take some good pictures.

Here was the cactus that was just about ready to bloom last Sunday. It bloomed on Monday.

This is  hydrangae Paniculata ‘Unique’. My sister in law Joan got it for me in 2010. (I know that because I wrote it down.) I was going to tell you the plant was 3-4 years old.
Let us all hear it for the written word.

I really like this flower on the hydrangae. It is part flower and part something else.

Lantana makes for such interesting patters.

This is one of the new orchid cacti that arrive this week. I take comfort in that for  a few years that should remain small enough to fit on the window sill.

This is caladium Gingerland. My supplier added a dozen of these free with my order this year. I think I am hooked. I will get more next year.

This was this morning. The last bloom was Thursday, when we had 3.5 inches of rain. The no hose summer continues.

Lastly a couple of inside pictures of an inside pursuit. Julia knits and knits. Sometimes she knits afghans or blankets that look like patchwork quilts, with lots of different colors. A coat of many colors in blanket form. Here is the latest.

Here is a closeup.

That's it for today.
There are weeds to pull.

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