Saturday, July 2, 2016

Welcome to July 2, 2016

We are also off to Colorado for the week. The post is early since I do not know if I can put it up from there.
There was one picture that stood out in an otherwise great week for pictures. Friday, the actual cactus bloomed. I had not expected it to bloom before we left. I thought it would wait until the day we were gone. I was wrong.
Here is that one great picture. They don't get any better than this. The picture was taken about 7am, which explains the little bit of sunlight.
This might be a favorite in the contest this winter.

Here was the full plant.
There are 4-5 other cactus plants with buds coming. Most of them have just 1-2 flowers.

This one did have the three. Two were on the very top.

This very busy week I will just give you some pictures as they came along.

I decided to play with the cropping function. It does give you the opportunity to enlarge pictures of just the flower.

So I will try it some more.
Both of these pictures were on last week's blog.

Back-lit caladium will provide wonders from this point on. This red is called Red Flash.

This orchid cactus bloomed on Tuesday. It was a forecast of what would come in a few days.

This is the backside of the same flower.

This waterlily creates a colorful contrast with the green leaves.

Modern art has nothing on this elephant ear in the sun.

The big orchid cactus with this flower bloomed Thursday. There were five flowers that day. As I said before I counted 47 buds. It should bloom for a while. I wonder if it will set seeds.

For those who always want to know more...
The year this orchid cactus is about one week ahead of last year.

Ruby Spider continued its show. I was told I needed a reference point to show just how large the flowers were. My hand was the one thing available.

These nest three pictures were all from Thursday. Three kinds of orchid cactus bloomed in one day.

The good old yellow cactus.

Here is that flashy one again.

Three in one day.

Rain can create such great pictures.

This is Delmar.

This wonderful lilium is one of the fragrant ones. The trumpet lilies do not have much scent. As the later ones open the garden begins to glow with scent. How's that for a mixed metaphor.

Here is the orchid cactus Friday.

This is Silk Road. It is an Orientpet. That is a cross between an Oriental Lily and a Trumpet Lily.

That's it. Maybe I will have some flowers above tree line for you next week.

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