Sunday, July 24, 2016

Other than hot, there is no theme this week- July 24, 2016

You hardly ever get to see a picture of the house. Here is one. This picture was taken yesterday. It is interesting to compare this picture with the  picture that appeared in the introduction to the blog in August 2007.
Here is 2016.

In 2007 the house was white. The front yard garden was the same size. We also had a few of the lower branches on the walnut tree that, quite frankly, made hanging both plants and pumpkins a lot easier.

The big news this week is the imminent first bloom of the night blooming cereus. I have two plants of blooming size. They are now both hung in the walnut tree in the front yard. There must be 15 buds between the two plants. I think the first flowers will bloom  Tuesday night. They really are done by dawn. People are welcome to come by about 10 at night. I will probably be out there with my flashlight. I will update this blog early the evening of the first flower.
These plants have bloomed each of the last 3 years. The buds hang down for the first 3 weeks or so. Then the buds begin to curve up. That says they are about ready.
Take a look at 3 of the buds today.

It has been hot this week. It also rained 4 different days. It would be like an oven, that would hit you when you got about two feet out of the airconditioned house/car/or office. It was so hot I just did not want to go outside after work or anytime after about 10am.
Saturday I went out to take some pictures. The camera condensed every place where there was a piece of glass exposed to the heat.  To get  pictures today I tool the camera out and just left it on the front porch for an hour before I took it into the garden.
On the other hand weeding this was a joy. I even got out some of the larger volunteer trees. I felt like the person with the big fish. I thought about posing with the pulled up tree. It had a root that just keep going.

Some of the last daylilies was rather good.

This little yellow lily with the center eye was down on the front corner.

Here you can compare the size of these little lilies with the caladium.

I mentioned last week that I planted some zinnia seeds, last Sunday. With rain every day for the first three days of the week, I had almost 100% germination, by Wednesday. Here are the seedlings today. I will be able to plant them around the yard next weekend.

It is also that time of year for plant sales at the garden centers and the box stores. I found 3 little oriental poppies, the Royal Wedding white ones, for $1.50 each. Today I got a few flats of impatients for $2.25 each. That was the price of the flats, not the plants.

These are other pictures from the week.

Big pictures of daylilies are fun.

The Oriental lily Casa Blanca is showing off. It is just about the last lilium to bloom.

Here is a little orchid. In checking back the past few years it regularly blooms about the first of August.
Actually all the orchids are really liking this hot humid weather.

I really like this little cactus. It blooms all the time. It was at the office last winter and regularly put on a show. I appreciate that it is getting bigger and bigger.

That is it for this week. Cooler weather is coming. I have impatients to plant. The cereus will bloom. The crotons deserve their own special blog post. The excitement continues.
Come by and see the cereus later this week.

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