Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SUmmer heat- June 14, 2016

This post is late this week.
As the really hot weather descended on us we traveled south this past weekend to see my mother.
Here are pictures from this past week.

This picture of an Amaryllis in the sun last Sunday, with that greenish throat, is one of the best pictures of the springtime.

Remarkably 3 days later, in this picture below, the flower had not change a bit. That was the power of cool weather. We had some absolutely gorgeous days. It was even jacket weather in the early morning. In our yard, with high shade, we get filtered light throughout the day. It was just about perfect.

Last Sunday, the day after the first waterlily bloomed, it had company.

Showing that Sunday was a busy day,  this white Oriental Poppy bloomed. It was able to stop people as they walked down the sidewalk. It is called Royal Wedding.

It has one of those jewell boxes in the center also.

This is Asiatic Lily Lollypop. It is one of the first Asiatic lilies to bloom. This picture is taken in the back yard. I transplanted some to the front yard 4-5 years ago. It is always amazing how close in time to each other they bloom. The first blooms are appearing both places this week.

Mid week this paler pink waterlily graced the pond.

Some of the orchid cactus plants are just about ready to bloom. This should bloom in a day or so.

Here is the bloom the next morning. It opened during the night, reminding me of the night bloom cereus.

This orchid cactus plant must have a hundred buds. Here is one of the branches. I am not convinced that they will all bloom. They still should put on a show.

This is the first Japanese Iris. They are flat on top. They bloom at the end of the Iris season. I should get some more. They tend to be bigger than the Siberian and Louisiana Iris. They like sun, and room to grow,

Here is a lovely little orchid, that blooms sometimes in the summer. I hang the orchids outside.

Here is my biggest cactus plant. I give you this picture so you can see the little buds, just starting. There are two of them. They are like little white pieces of fuzz. With the hot weather arriving I look for the cactus to do well.
We could guess at the date it will bloom.
My best guess is about July 1.

I close with this recently purchased primrose. I continue to think that the color combinations on these flowers is just about the best.They should bloom for a long time if I deadhead. Oh for the time to deadhead everything.

That is it from the land of summer temperatures.

Let me also close with this short comment about events in Florida and so many other places.
There is nothing to say to make it better.
There is nothing to say that will seem adequate.
One can feel so powerless.

We must not forget, or pretend it did not happen.
We should look for and support ways to prevent it happening.
We should not let it change us- from being an open and welcoming people.
We should be an open and welcoming people.
And then we should go do our jobs.
Part of my job is to help people who most others will not help.
Part of my job is nurturing the flowers that help me keep going.
I should go water the cactus. It is their time of year.


Dave said...

These are some of your best, Phil. Are photos you post now "disqualified" from being in the contest?

Judith said...

well said. hope, welcome, and cultivate our own gardens.