Monday, May 23, 2016

Signs of summer May 23, 2016

Welcome to summer in Iowa.
Sometime last week the warm weather finally arrived. In our garden that means the great indoor plant migration is at an end. Almost all the plants have now gone outside.
This included the 75 potted caladium bulbs that have mostly been dormant in the basement for 6 weeks. Actually the first dozen have awakened. Caladium come from Florida. The instructions say that they will not grow until the soil temperature gets to 70. Our air temperature has barely been 70, until this last weekend. Please note that all 75 will not go in the garden. Some will find homes elsewhere.
Here are a few pictures from past years.
Caladium are a wonderful splash of color. They actually grow in the shade and accompany shade plants such as hosta.

Caladium are just the plant to maintain color into August and September. They have few pests.
I just get new bulbs every year by mail order.

The days are longer. It is light out by 5a.m. I try to get up in time to do an hour of gardening before 7. This does mean that on occasion I can feel behind schedule and it can only be 6:30.
It does mean less time to work on this blog.

Color is back in the garden. The Siberian Iris have started and will probably hit their peak this week.
We tend to think that Siberian Iris are purple. There are certainly many purple Siberian Iris. There are other colors, such as this great yellow one.

Here is the clump. This year was the best ever for these yellow iris.

The first of these Iris, called Jeweled Crown, bloomed last week. Here is the group.
They really should be divided every 3-4 years to maintain vitality. Unfortunately that is kind of low on the priority list.

One should not forget the white ones.

Or the blue ones. This is called "Ships are sailing." I really like the name.

I do have a few of the tall bearded iris. They are blooming now. If they can bloom without falling over, they can stay in the garden.

Here is one lovely one. I must note how blue/purple seems to be all over.

In groups they show well.

Other color has started. Enjoy the pictures. Sometimes commentary is unnecessary.

This is one of the first Iceland poppies to bloom. I grow them from seed. This year I put over 40 plants around the garden. If we get some rain they should put on a show.

The lupines are starting. Here you have a lupine, an Iceland poppy and a tree peony seedling (one that did not bloom.)

The little star of bethlehem is all over. I sometimes just pull it up as weed. Here it gives some great contrast with the hosta leaf and the japanese fern.

This clump of lupine flowers wants to rival the one from 2005 that had over 20 flower stalks at one time. I will not spoil this picture by showing you that old special one.

This is the first herbaceous peony. It has such an interesting center.

I close with the tale of the hanging pumpkin 2016. This was in late January right before it went outside. I had to wait until January because it was not very cold in December.

Remember it was carved on both sides.

Here it is today. It is almost completely dried up. This was the puzzled face.

This is the other side. It is something out of the movie Alien.
Ask yourself why aren't there hanging pumpkins in your neighborhood.
On that note I bid you good night.
Come by and visit sometime. There is always something interesting.

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