Monday, May 9, 2016

all over the place- May 8, 2016

This last week was all over the place. All last weekend through Monday it was rainy and cold. The highs were only about 50. But we got some decent rain.
There was no sun. I was climbing the walls by the end of the weekend.
Tuesday the sun came out. It was wonderful. While those weeds grew they could be pulled easily.
On Friday the temperature soared to almost 90.
The warmer temperatures did give us the tree peonies.
Let me give you the tale of the seedling that we have been watching.

This was March 25, 2016. This is probably its 4th spring. This winter it did not die all the way to the ground.
It was alos apparent that it had a bud.

By April 13 the bud was growing and it was only a matter of time.

This is May 3, 2016 when the sun finally came out.

By May 5 it was fully open. It is a single white with all sorts of interesting things happening in the middle. The bees thought so too.

In other garden news the little iris cristata came out all over the place. They are tiny but do make a clump in only a few years.

This clump shows well with the relatively small hosta.

The ever reliable cypripedium Giselle bloomed. It has had two flowers for at least five years. The picture to the right below gives you some prospective on the size of these little guys.

That's it for this week. Sorry for the delay. It is such a busy time. I can be out in the garden at 6. This leaves little time for playing on the computer.


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