Sunday, April 3, 2016

Odds and ends on April 3, 2016

Welcome to all of winners since 2007.
It has been a strange week. I wound up being directed to take it easy all week. At the same time it got to be April and the bushes started to bloom. The forsythia around town came out, as did the star magnolias. The ones on the west side of the Lindquist Center at the University always put on a show. The flowering almonds have started. I expect the saucer magnolias will be in full bloom Sunday, as the temperature is expected to get to 70.
Saturday on the other hand barely made it to 45, with a 30-40 mph gale. It was the wind that sounded that a train a time. There was some gardening with the winter coat. Sunday will be a day to pick up sticks.

I thought I would go back and show you the winners of the winter contest over the years. I have even put up a poll to let those of you who like to vote do that.
The 2006 winner has been lost. That year the first contest was entirely by email. Remember aol? I no longer use that service so I cannot go back to April of that year to identify the winner. As you look over these beauties you will notice we skipped a year, 2014. That can happen.

But here they are. Maybe someone still has the same email and can tell me who won in 2006. There certainly was a preference over the years for waterlilies. In addition the same pink poppy was a previous winner.

2007 Winner

2008 Winner

2009 Winner

2010 Winner

2011 Winner
This is a leucojum which is a later spring bulb

2012 Winner

2013 Winner

2015 Winner- Double Bloodroot

2016 Winner

Little bonus section

The garden comes along. Yesterday I potted up many plants that need new homes. Maybe you can make it to the plant sale April 9. I have lots of bluebells. I said I would sell them for $2. I still will. Think of me as the Johnny Appleseed of bluebells. I went to one local nursery this week and saw single bluebell plants for sale. Guess how much. $12 a pot. For one bluebell. I haven't seen anything that crazy since I saw single lilies of the valley for sale for any amount.

This week the hellebores are putting on a show.
Look at these Hawkeye colors.

That is it for the week. Come by if you can.

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