Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bluebells at their best- April 24, 2016

No matter what were my plans for the blog this week, bluebells win.

They dominate the garden unlike any other flower. Two weeks ago they were only 3-4 inches tall. Then in two warm days they all more than doubled in size.
I do not remember ever buying bluebells. A few of them must have been here at the beginning, 34 years ago, when we bought the house. They have flowed throughout the garden over the last 25 years, taking up more space all the time. I have no complaints.

I have one window on the second floor where I have removed the screen. Sometimes I just watch the garden; I do take pictures from that window. These pictures show you what the garden is like from above.

These two pictures do not quite line up side by side. They give you a good idea of the bluebells in the front yard.

They create such a wonderful background for the emerging hosta.

This is Sagae, which has posed with the bluebells for over a decade. A hosta does really need some size to match up with the bluebells.

This is Montana Aureomarginata.

This is Invincible.

More Sagae.

This is Sun Power.

It is not just hosta that work so well with the color blue.

Here is one of the hellebores. One does not realize at first how big the bluebells get. They are almost 12 inches tall. If you have a mini hosta or small trillium, you may need to dig up the bluebells in the area.

I have previously mentioned the white bluebell, acquired in 2014. Here it is this year. Next year I will carefully watch the seedlings within 12 inches of the main white bluebell.

This is the white bluebell this year.

This is last year. They really do grow quickly.

I close with one hanging planter you will not find at the garden center.

Enjoy the spring.


Garden Fancy said...

Lovely, I only have a couple of bluebells -- I hope they seed and multiply! -Beth

Robert Dietrich said...

Happy Spring . . . Happy Bluebells . . . Happy Man sharing this Bountiful Beauty . . . Thanks for all you do _ Rob