Thursday, November 26, 2015

More of the visit to Longwood

This year's picture contest starts this Sunday, December 6, 2015

As I said a little while ago we went to Longwood Gardens, outside Philadelphia earlier this month. It really is a place to visit even if it is a little out of the way for your trip.
I wanted to post pictures of the Chrysanthemum's as they are special. It was their festival when we visited.

We have been to some wonderful gardens, mostly in the Midwest. Our favorites include the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, the Denver Botanical Gardens, and the Chicago Botanical Gardens.
Longwood is just one step beyond all of them. All have indoor conservatories, with their tropical plants in very large glassed in facilities. Longwood is so big that they can use green grass as part of the display.

This is the central part of the conservatory. that you first encounter when you walk in the front.

Those are chandeliers of chrysanthemums.

Now for some of the chrysanthemums.

These are very definitely not what you can get at the farmer's market in the fall. (Which does not mean that those are bad.)

This was a bonsai chrysanthemum.

This was a single plant that had almost a hundred different flowers grafted onto it.

A now for what you have waited for. The cream of the cream.
This is what you first see as you approach.

Here is what you have come to see.

What is that. Here is the description. It should not surprise you that the idea comes from Japan.

Here is a closeup.

Here are yellow ones. This first picture is a plant that has not yet fully come out.

That is it for today. Have a good weekend.
Find some sunshine.


Catherine Woods said...

Thank you for these splendid photos. I love chrysanthemums and enjoy the ones that grace my walkway with their yellow, lavender and orange blooms each autumn. They're scent, mixed in with that of falling leaves, triggers memories that go way back.

Catherine Woods said...

Their (not They're) - oops.