Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week 16, April 5, 2015-We have a winner

Welcome to Week 16. Here is the winner of the Picture Contest for Winter 2014-2015, the Double Bloodroot.

In partial celebration of the victory, I just moved a portion of the clump. The clump which must have 15 shoots out of the ground at this point, was planted in 2008. For the first two years there were only 3 shoots. Then there were 6, then 13, now at least 15.
I moved a clump of three shoots over by the curb on Fairview. I do try to garden so that people can see stuff when they walk by. Is this the time to move them? I move a lot of plants just when they emerge from the ground in the spring. They seem to be OK.
I should add that the sprouts had actually become visible in late January, when we had our winter thaw. After I panicked I covered them with some additional dirt. They were fine. 
Last year the picture was taken on April 20. I suspect that the clumps will bloom before that this year.

The full voting this past week in the finals was
Double Bloodrot 25
Beauty of Livermore 19
Iceland Poppy 8
Tricolor Crocus 7

Poppies over the years

As I have said poppies in several forms have appeared often in the contest, many times making it to the final round of 16.
For your pictures this week I have decided to feature the poppies in the prior finals, over the years. I did not include the two from this year.
Often there was more than one picture for that year. If you wish, you can vote for the picture you like out of this big group.












That's it for this week. I will figure out what to do for next week. Maybe I will feature the winners over the years.
Come by when you have a chance.
The blue scilla are blooming. The bluebells are emerging. April will be a blue month.

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