Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 12- March 8, 2015- We are almost there

What a difference a week makes. If you just look outside the snow is still here. People are still falling on the ice. But every day in the ten day forecast is in the 40's or even 50's. This coming Wednesday is suppose to be close to 60 degrees. We are told that after that day the snow should be all gone.

Here are some pictures from this weekend. First here is this amaryllis that broke dormancy all by itself. It hadn't been watered for 3 months and then sent up these 4 bud stalks with another one just starting.Second there is the snow drop. The snow actually melts away from the plant, suggesting as would make sense, that the plant is warmer than the snow.  Finally here are the aconite, just waiting to bloom. I think there will be flowers in several days.

Signs of spring-
I listened to a little bit of a Cubs game on the radio, driving back from a court hearing Friday. 

I have little lupines and Iceland poppies growing under the lights in the basement. I will plant some more seeds this weekend.

The birds seemed louder first thing this morning. Of course nothing is stranger than hearing the call of the cardinals when it is -10.
We did see an entire flock of robins about 10 days ago. They were looking around for something to eat  midst the snow.

We are all hoping that the golden energy that comes in the spring will make its way into all corners of  existence.

I will not tell you what I think of daylight savings.

Let's do the contest. Last week's winner was the Iceland poppy. In the voting it pulled away from the waterlily as the week went on.

The full voting was
Iceland Poppy  20
Waterlily  16
Dog tooth violet   12
crocus   7

Here are your contestants for this week, which is the second week of the playoffs. You are picking the final four.

Single bloodroot

Here is your winner from week 2. This bloomed on April 20. I really recommend you find a woods near you, Ryerson Woods, if you live near Iowa City, and go find these in the wild. I would imagine that early April would be the time to start looking.

Beauty of livermore poppy

There really is no red in the garden that matches this poppy. It is also such a good study in photographs. The petals are like crepe paper. Why is it called crepe papers? And then there is that magical center. Please notice the just opened picture from 2007, in the bonus section.


This is the columbine from week 6.

This is that very late in the season primrose. It should bloom again this spring at its normal time. Blue and yellow is such a contrast.

There you have it. Tell how you like.

Bonus pictures- class of 2007

For you bonus pictures I thought I would show you the pictures from 2007. These were the final 16 in the contest from that winter of 2007-2008. If you are interested, the blog archive actually goes back that far. Who can forget the great frog shot.
I think for the bonus pictures for another week I may go back and find the best poppy pictures. They certainly have been on recurring contestant over the years.

Enjoy the spring.

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