Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fall is here- September 13, 2014

One of the garden gems in the fall is this seed pod for the jack in the pulpit.

Fall has come. With the temperatures diving into the mid 30's we turned on the heat in the house yesterday.
The other signs of fall are all around. School has started. Baseball is fading or heating up depending on whether you root for the Cubs.
Garden clean up has started. Actually it seems like I have been cleaning up the garden for months.
It is time to get those plants moved and divided.
It is also time to begin the great plant migration-into the house. I have been taking one plant a day to the office for several weeks.
Today I will repot indoor plants before they come inside.

Several plants show signs of one last splash before they come in. One of the cactus cactus/ as opposed to the orchid cactus, has 4 buds which seem to be getting organized, but this round of temperatures will certainly make them wonder if this is really their time. The night blooming cereus also has four little one inch buds. I give them encouragement.

I should also weed. I always have to weed. I want to reflect, as that takes less energy. Maybe that will be something else for a very early morning one of these days.
Did I mention that it was dark? Sunrise is now almost 7.

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